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Our Practitioner Directory comprises individuals who have enrolled in our training courses and passed our certification examination; for either or both of our course offering - BioIndividual Nutrition FOUNDATIONS and Nourishing Hope for KIDS. You'll find clinicians from varied healthcare disciplines including practicing nutrition professionals and other practitioners (MDs. NDs, etc.) that incorporate diet and nutrition recommendations.

Our Community Directory includes non-professionals, including "Nourishing Hope MOMs" - these are passionate individuals that have enrolled in our training, though do not attain certification. Rather, they are learning and applying BioIndividual Nutrition to aid their own families; some coach other families and aid their communities in varied ways. Nourishing Hope MOMs are valued resources, though are not in place of a bona-fide healthcare practitioner.


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Our aim is to connect individuals with nutrition practitioners, as well as other health professionals, researchers, coaches, chefs, and providers that practice BioIndividual Nutrition.

We hold that people are unique in their bio-individual nutrition needs; based on specific biochemistry and health history - and that customizing therapeutic diet and nutrition approach is vital. There is great need for people with advanced understanding of the most effective diet and nutritional strategies in healthcare today. This is why we provide this directory.

All individuals listed have become Members of our Institute by enrolling in one or more of our training courses, taught and created by Julie Matthews (with contributions from guest speakers and presenters).Members complete our online self-study course, required readings, optional live meetings, and pass a challenging final examination to become listed in this directory.

Members that also hold a professional credential, such as MD, ND, Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant, or Health Coach become Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner upon completing their training and examination.

Healthcare practitioners and other professionals from varied disciplines and levels of education and experience receive training through the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute. Though we share a common perspective regarding diet and nutrition, it is imperative for individuals/patients to thoroughly research and conduct their own due diligence regarding the health professionals and other individuals listed in this directory - before choosing a practitioner or resource. This directory is not an endorsement or recommendation of any specific healthcare practitioner, nor any specific practitioner's treatment protocol or recommendations.

You are responsible for your choice and use of practitioners and other individuals listed on the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute's Directory.

BioIndividual Nutrition Institute and Julie Matthews are not affiliated with the health professionals listed and are not liable for any damages you may suffer through use of this health professional resource list.

I have read and understand this disclaimer and I accept its conditions. I will hold harmless BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, Nourishing Hope/Healthful Living, and Julie Matthews for the education, experience, training, degree, licensure or background of listed health professionals that I may choose to seek for medical, nutritional or other help. I will hold harmless BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, Nourishing Hope/Healthful Living, and Julie Matthews, should I have an unfavorable experience or treatment outcome with a listed health professional.